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Product Information

We offer a variety of technologies for feeding and metering dry chemicals commonly used in the treatment of municipal and industrial water and wastewater as well as industrial process water and wastewater.

Our extensive line of volumetric screw and belt-type volumetric and gravimetric feeders, feeder tank systems, lime-slaking systems and accessories can handle the most commonly used chemicals in the municipal water applications such as calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide, ferric sulfate, soda ash, potassium permanganate, aluminum sulfate, and carbon. Chemicals used in industrial processes include bleach, clay gypsum plastic pellets, pigments, and flour.

The UGSI Series 35-150 chemical feeder solution tank system is designed for water and waste treatment applications. It gives excellent results preparing large or small volumes of solution from dry chemicals. It is a pre-engineered, packaged system, built with standard components to keep costs low. Because of the variety of these components and the optional accessories, a system can be tailored to almost any installation requirement. There is no need to pay for functions that will never be used, or to settle for too little or too much capacity or control.


  • Economical system that gives better results than a do-it-yourself system
  • Pre-engineered for efficient operation
  • Wide choice of arrangements
  • Custom system from stock components
  • Rugged feeder
  • Pre-tested and economical to install
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