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Product Information

UV-oxidation has emerged as a powerful tool in the water treatment toolbox for the simultaneous treatment of environmental contaminants and disinfection. Because conventional treatment technologies often fail to remove emerging contaminants such as pesticides, taste and odour-causing compounds, and industrial contaminants from water, the application of UV-oxidation is growing rapidly.

Carefully designed and optimised Trojan UV-oxidation systems for ECT cost-effectively destroy these compounds safely and efficiently on a large scale, while simultaneously disinfecting.

The TrojanUVTorrent™ECT, equipped with revolutionary TrojanUV Solo Lamp™ Technology, is a low-pressure, high-efficiency system with high UV output. It’s ideal for year-round treatment of chemical contaminants at high flows.

A range of contaminants can be treated such as taste and odor-causing compounds, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and endocrine disrupting compounds. At the same time, the system will disinfect bacteria, viruses and protozoa including the chlorine-resistant pathogens Cryptosporidium and Giardia.


  • Revolutionary lamp technology
  • Chamber design and operation
  • Third-party activation
  • ActiClean™ dual-action automatic cleaning system
  • Safe and easy maintenance
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