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Product Information

UV technology is a safer, more cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to chlorination. With its highly effective abilities to destroy microorganisms and micropollutants, UV technology is becoming a prefered choice with municipalities and plant operators.

Trojan UV systems offer municipal wastewater treatment plants a safe, practical, and economical alternative to chlorination. Today, Trojan has more UV disinfection systems in operation around the world than anyone else, demonstrating the high regard in which Trojan’s proven products and service are held in the industry.

The TrojanUVSigna™ incorporates our latest innovations, including TrojanUV Solo Lamp™ Technology, to reduce the total cost of ownership and drastically simplify operation and maintenance. UV banks are available in two-row, four-row and six-row lamp configurations.  It is the ideal solution for those facilities wanting to easily and cost-effectively convert from chlorine to UV disinfection.

TrojanUVSigna™ can be installed in an existing chlorine contact tank without major modifications to the channel depth or width. Gone are the days of time-consuming installations requiring new concrete walls with tight tolerances or stepped floors.


  • Low Lamp Count and High Electrical Efficiency
  • Maximum Disinfection Performance
  • Optimized Power Consumption
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Simple Water Level Control
  • Worry-Free Maintenance
  • Less Time Spent Changing Lamps
  • Chemical and Mechanical Sleeve Cleaning
  • Easy Bank Removal
  • Simple Retrofitting

Water Level Management – Light Lock Feature

Water level management in open channel UV systems is a key design consideration. For maximum disinfection efficiency and safety, it is imperative that UV lamps remain submerged at all times while operating and that the water depth above the top of lamp is within tolerance.

With the TrojanUVSigna™, the channel water level is managed using light locks in combination with the downstream water level controller. Light locks eliminate the need for complex channel designs, such as stepped channels, and help provide the highest disinfection performance over a wide range of flow rates and water levels.

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