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Product Information

Recognised as a safer, more cost-effective, and environmentally responsible alternative to chlorination, UV has become the preferred choice for wastewater disinfection.

Trojan UV systems offer municipal wastewater treatment plants a safe, practical, and economical alternative to chlorination. Today, Trojan has more UV disinfection systems in operation around the world than anyone else, demonstrating the high regard in which Trojan’s proven products and service are held in the industry.

The TrojanUV3000™B offers a cost-effective UV disinfection solution for wastewater treatment plants with limited resources. The system uses energy-efficient, low-pressure lamps.

The TrojanUV3000™B is available with a controller that enables flow pacing to maximize operating efficiency and extend lamp life. The system turns UV lamp banks on and off automatically to ensure the required dose is met using the fewest lamps and least electricity. These simple, robust, and operator-friendly systems have demonstrated their effective, reliable performance in over 1,000 installations around the world.

The System Control Center allows the TrojanUV3000™B to be flow paced – meaning the UV lamps of individual banks are turned on and off automatically in response to variations in flow rate (based on a flow meter signal). Flow pacing maximizes operating efficiency by matching UV output to disinfection requirements, and reducing electrical consumption during periods of low flow by turning lamps off.


  • Validated through regulatory-endorsed bioassay testing
  • Space-saving, electronic ballasts are housed right in the modules, not in separate external cabinets
  • Modular scalable system and can be installed outdoors to reduce installation costs
  • Flow pacing to maximise efficiency and reduce electrical consumption
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