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The Chloroclam


    Product Information

    The Chloroclam® water quality monitor accesses the water main via the hydrant point, to continually monitor and report chlorine residual data from the water distribution network enabling proactive management. Simply locate the Chloroclam water quality monitor within the fire hydrant, attach the adapter to the hydrant valve and the system will provide data to the user via the GPRS network. Using high accuracy industry standard sensing, the design has been optimised to ensure minimal water flows through the system to waste.

    The Chloroclam water quality monitor utilises industry standard, high accuracy membrane sensing which does not require the addition of any reagents. The sensor is housed in an innovative cartridge system, including the replacement of membrane and electrolyte solution.

    The Chloroclam water quality monitor will also record and transmit flow and pressure data. To accurately monitor chlorine residuals, a controlled flow is maintained across the membrane, with water flowing to waste.

    Remote communications are integrated within the Chloroclam water quality monitor. Automatic data upload, via the GPRS network, is carried out multiple times per day, potentially allowing real-time data aquisition and analysis. The user can access the data via a web based system to view and retrieve information as and when required. This information is available to download in CSV format or exportable into Excel software. Alarms can be set, via the web based system, to inform the user of events, such as free / total chlorine, battery capacity used and signal strength.


    • Accesses the water main via the hydrant point enabling rapid and simple deployment and recovery
    • Wireless communications and alarming
    • High accuracy industry standards membrane sensor
    • Data is recorded on a robust internal data logger
    • Data access from anywhere via the internet
    • Low power: internal power supply will allow deployment for 6 months (sampling every 15 minutes and 4 data uploads per day)
    • Optional input and power supply for external pressure transducer and flow
    • Submersible robust IP-68 enclosure
    • Continuous remote chlorine monitoring via hydrants
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