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Product Information

The Terminator emergency valve shutoff system provides an economical and simple way to instantly stop the flow of chlorine or SO2 at the tank valve. The vast majority of gas leaks happen downstream from the valve seat so by automatically closing the valve, most leaks can quickly be stopped.

The Terminator is installed after process connections are made and the valve is opened. The Terminator actuator uses the Gemini Controller to provide power and logic to the actuator. The Gemini is a 2-channel controller with an integral 12V battery that provides main and backup power. If AC charging power is interrupted and not restored within 3 to 5 days, the Gemini will eventually initiate an emergency close to protect against an unguarded gas system. The Gemini provides a remote activation input for panic switches, gas detectors or activation via SCADA and also offers a relay output that indicates when an emergency close operation has been performed.

The Terminator is secured to the valve using clamp arms that grab the sides of a CGA 820 style yoke, and a simple turn of the clamp knob holds the Terminator firmly in place. Optional clamp extensions allow the Terminator to mount directly to the valve body when a yoke is not being used. A 12 foot cable connects the Terminator to the controller allowing flexibility in controller placement. When a signal is given to the controller from a gas detector or panic button, the Terminator rapidly shuts the valve to the torque value recommended by the Chlorine Institute.


  • For Chlorine and SO2 ton containers
  • Economical and easy to use
  • Closes valve in less than 1 second
  • Shutdown via gas detector or panic button
  • Electric – DC powered system, no pneumatics
  • AC charging circuit maintains healthy battery
  • Up to 3 days of built-in backup power
  • No tools required for installation on valve
  • Valve packing nut and yoke always accessible
  • Fire code approved as alternative for scrubber
  • Helps comply with Risk Management Plan
  • Chlorine resistant materials for max durability

The Terminator is available in two different mounting configurations:

Gravity Mount — For 70kg Cylinders

The original parallel rod mount is simple to install on a vertical style cylinder. Its design places the drive bushing directly on the valve stem with two parallel rods extending down along the valve body. Once installed, a simple retention pin is placed through the bottom of the parallel rods for added security. The parallel rod design is compatible with all cylinder mounted vacuum regulators and with the standard CGA 820 style yoke that is used when feeding under pressure. No special adapters or tools are required for installation with any of these devices.

Yoke Clamp Mount — For Ton Containers

The new yoke clamp mount Terminator incorporates the same clamping mechanism as on our Eclipse Actuator. Two clamp arms secure the Terminator to a standard CGA820 style yoke by simply tightening a hand knob. For installations where the ton container has a vacuum regulator mounted directly to it, an auxiliary valve adapter or vacuum regulator extension provides clearance so the Terminator and vacuum regulator can both be mounted to the tank valve.

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