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Product Information

Designed for chemical metering and transferring sludges, the Rotho Peristaltic pump is ideal for all those fluids that must not be contaminated, and must never come into contact with the mechanical parts of the pump. It is simple to install, easy to use, and uncomplicated to maintain. It has no valves, seals or glands, no fluid contact with moving mechanical parts. Its low operating cost makes this pump a winner in many applications where abrasion resistance is the main requirement of the user, ensuring a longer pump life and the most cost-effective maintenance solution.

The innovative technology that utilizes rotating rollers on bearings eliminates the need for refrigerating liquid inside the stator and ensure faster and more cost-effective maintenance.

Chemical feed and metering applications typically involve the use of sodium hypochlorite, sodium bisulphite, ferric chloride, lime, polyelectrolyte and other polymers. Especially sodium hypochlorite tends to off-gas during transfer causing vapour lock. The excellence performance of the Rotho peristaltic pump ensures that both the liquid and the air pockets that develop in the tubing are transferred with no clogging and without losing suction capacity, thereby maintaining the same efficiency of transfer as in the case of a smooth liquid.


  • Capable to transfer mixed phases without damages up to 45 % of inner diametre
  • Valveless, sealless and glandless
  • Capable of transferring sensitive and pollutant products
  • No contact between the fluid and moving mechanical parts
  • Low running costs – only the tub to replace
  • Can run dry without any damage
  • Reverse flow by reversing monitor
  • Capable of pulling 98% of full vacuum
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