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Ozone Systems


    Product Information

    Pacific Ozone Technology – complete, integrated ozone solutions

    Pacific Ozone Technology is the premier supplier of OEM ozone generators, integrated ozone/oxygen systems and other ozone related products. Their ozone production hardware is powered by a highly efficient ceramic and titanium reactor cell that features patented Floating Plate Technology™ for enhanced performance and reliability.

    Pacific Ozone Summit Series

    The Summit Series are complete and fully integrated ozone systems that seamlessly combine all critical elements of ozone into sanitary, splash-resistant, stainless steel packages. These skid-based systems are available for a variety of flow rates and process requirements. The performance and simplicity of the Summit Series systems make them ideal platforms for countless ozone processes.


    • 20,000 litre per minute water flow
    • Food and beverage clean-in-place (CIP) and surface sanitation, wastewater treatment and high-purity
    • Food and procedure processing
    • Winery tank and barrel disinfection: CIP
    • Brewery bottle rinsing, CIP, and wastewater treatment
    • Nutraceutical/Pharma/Biopharma high-purity process water preparation
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