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Adsorption Media

    Product Information

    MEDIA G2-R® is an iron-based adsorption treatment technology for removing arsenic from water, specifically groundwater, for potable use.

    The technology involves adsorption of arsenic onto a filter media (G2-R®) as water passes through it. G2-R® adsorption media consists of granular, calcined diatomite upon which ferric hydroxide is chemically bonded. Iron attracts the arsenic in water and binds it to the substrate by chemisorption. Although it was developed specifically for adsorbing arsenic, MEDIA G2-R® will also adsorb iron, manganese, uranium and chromium. The adsorption capacity for arsenic is in the range of about 800 to 2400 Fg/g, depending on operating pH and other contaminants in the water.

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