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Halogen’s Emergency Gas Shut-off Systems

Chlorine Emergency Shut-off System

    Product Information

    Work with hazardous gases or toxic materials such as chlorine, must not be undertaken without the proper safety precautions. Halogen’s Emergency Valve Shut-off System provides add extra measure of safety for these environments.

    Since 1995 Halogen Valve Systems, Inc. has manufactured a complete line of emergency gas shutoff systems. Recognizing the need for the more effective method of preventing a large leak, we developed our shutoff systems to reduce the hazards of exposure to toxic gasses in the workplace. Up until then, dealing with a leak meant letting the tank empty, then performing a clean up, or sending operational personnel in harm’s way with protective gear to close the valve. We knew there was a safer and more cost effective way that could be accomplished by closing the valve from a remote switch using a valve shutoff actuator system.

    Halogen’s fully automated and microprocessor controlled systems can respond to a leak quickly and reduce the exposure risk to operational personnel when a leak occurs. The Halogen Gas Shut -off Systems meets all Fire Code Requirements as a replacement for Gas Scrubber Treatment Systems. See for yourself why Halogen’s Shut-off Systems have been proven safe and reliable in a variety of facilities and operations.

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