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Hach SONATAX sc Sludge Blanket Level Probe

Sludge Levels

    Product Information


    • Wastewater
    • Industrial water

    The Hach SONATAX sc is designed for use in primary and secondary clarifiers, thickeners in wastewater treatment, raw water clarifiers, sludge settling basins in water treatment, and special industrial applications.
    The digitalised SONATAX sc probe features an ultrasonic measurement system, which automatically scans a range of frequencies to find the ideal settings for the application.
    The built-in software can disregard signals reflected from tank structures such as pipes, rods, etc. Besides this temperature compensation, and position sensor ensure accuracy and

    The Hach SONATAX sc Sludge Blanket Level Probe features a wiper with a magnetic connector that effectively cleans the probe. No o-rings to replace and no tools needed to replace the wiper blades.

    A visual performance LED indicator light on the SONATAX sc probe provides assurance of proper performance at a glance.

    Expand systems as needed without additional controller investment. Hach sc digital controllers can accept from two to eight probes, accommodating any combination of parameters with Hach’s line of digital probes.

    The Hach SONATAX sc Sludge Blanket Level Probe can decrease your power costs by automatically actuating pumps to control pump rates for WAS/RAS. Other benefits
    of continuous blanket level measurement include early warning information of solids wash-out potential at the outlet and optimized sludge extraction to minimise dewatering and final disposal cost.


    • Superior accuracy
    • Reduced maintenance with innovative wiper design
    • Visual performance indicator enhances troubleshooting
    • Multi-probe, multi-parameter capability
    • Increased efficiency saves energy and money
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