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Hach 5500sc Silica Analyser


    Product Information

    The Hach 5500sc Silica Analyser delivers reliable results that save you critical time and effort. Only two liters of reagent are required for the analyser to perform unattended for up to 90 days; twice as long as the Series 5000.

    The industry’s only pressurised reagent delivery system eliminates the frequent maintenance associated with pumps.

    Predictive diagnostic tools, including Hach’s proprietary Prognosys technology, warning LEDs, and high-visibility notification screens let you avoid unplanned downtime.

    No more dripping reagents on the instrument, the floor, or your clothing while fumbling with tubes and straws. Simply match the color-coded cap to the sealed reagent bottle and
    twist gently.

    The Grab Sample In and Grab Sample Out features allow quick analysis of a grab sample poured into the analyser, and facilitate taking a sample out of the analyser to verify in a lab test.


    • 90 Days of continuous run time
    • Save time on maintenance
    • Predictive diagnostic tools to avoid downtime
    • Clean, fast and easy reagent change
    • Verify easily with Hach lab products
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