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Product Information

The DEPOLOX® Pool Compact controller is a state of the art disinfection controller that measures the water’s chlorine concentration, temperature as well the ORP and pH values. The controller provides chemical feed outputs to a variety chemical feed devices to control the disinfection parameter of either free chlorine or ORP as well as a chemical feed output to maintain the pH value at the desired setpoints.

The system comprises of a pressurized flow cell, accommodating up to three sensors and state of the art electronics. The flow cell permits visual checks of the sample water flow as well as the free chlorine, ORP and pH sensors.


The integral “Multi-Sensor” continuously monitors the sample water flow, measures the sample water temperature and includes a large water ground to protect against electrical noise. The flow control valve guarantees a constant sample water flow and quartz grit enables hydro mechanical cleaning of the free chlorine sensor for long term measurement stability. The flow cell includes an LED light stick which indicates the pool water chemistry status from a distance.


  • 4,3” colour touch screen with shatterproof glass panel
  • Integrated web view allows visualisation on web enabled devices
  • Modern communication integrated
  • Integrated safety functions
  • LED lit flowcell with alarm status via colour change
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