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Product Information

​The analyzer can incorporate up to three well proven measurement parameters: a disinfectant such as free or total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, or potassium permanganate, pH or fluoride and temperature. The analyzer is available with two amperometric disinfectant measurement technologies: DEPOLOX 5 C flow cell which utilizes the fast reacting bare electrode and the VariaSens™ C flow cell which incorporates the membrane based amperometric sensor technology. It is possible to utilize the older style DEPOLOX 5 flow cell and VariaSens flow cells with the new electronics.


  • Intuitive operation as well as easy visualization of all measured parameters
  • LED lit flow cell
  • Data logging of measurement values
  • Smart operation features
  • State of the art communication possibilities
  • Very fast reaction to a change in disinfectant concentration


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