Process Measurement & Control Instrumentation

Wallace & Tiernan offer a range of online analysers for measure only or process control analysers providing localised control of free chlorine and other key parameters such as pH , total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, fluoride, potassium permanganate, conductivity, redox voltage.

MFC analyzer/controller

Wallace & Tiernan MFC analyzer/controller offers a broad combination of drinking water analysis and disinfection/chemical control in a single unit.

The MFC analyzer/controller offers an easy, software selectable range of control modes from flow proportional, residual control only, compound loop and set point trim enabling precise control of a chlorinator or metering pump to maintain the desired level of disinfection and water quality.

Up to four water quality parameters, such as free and total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, fluoride, conductivity, redox, pH, and temperature can be measured by single or multiple cells. A variety of flow cells are available, including the proven Depolox® 5 , bare-electrode measuring cell for free chlorine, potassium permanganate, chlorine dioxide and ozone and the VariaSens™ flow block for utilizing internally buffered oxidant sensors. This flexibility provides for an almost limitless combination of continuous measurement technologies for the same sample or different samples from the entire treatment process.


SFC Analyzer/Controller

The SFC analyzer/controller is a highly flexible measurement and control system for use in disinfection and water chemistry control applications. Its versatility includes single water parameter analyzer, proportional controller, compound loop controller and single parameter analyzer with control capabilities.

Features and Benefits

  • A modular system, consisting of an electronic module, a flow cell module, and a sensor measuring module
  • Designed to handle single parameters
  • If two parameters need to be measured, it is possible to combine two electronic modules
  • Electronic modules connected using a proprietary CAN sensor/actuator bus
  • Permits the use of all of our offered measurement technologies
  • Four different control modes can be selected
  • Measurement and control of individual parameters or multiple parameters when combined with additional units using a proprietary CAN sensor/actuator bus
  • Simple configuration and operation
  • Easy data connection to SCADA systems and web technology
  • SD card storage of configuration menu as well as measurement and control data


Depolox 3 Plus Residual Analyzer

The Depolox 3 Plus Residual Analyzer continously measures free or total chlorine, chlorine dioxide or ozone in drinking water applications. It is also available in an arrangement for measuring pH or flouride, and providing temperature output.

Utilizing proven and universally accepted amperometric measurement technology, this analyzer directly measures disinfectant residuals and provides a 4-20 mA output signal for control or recording purposes.

  • Intergral alarm relays are included
  • Available in an arrangement for measuring pH or fluoride
  • A 4-20mA temperature output signal is available

Features and Benefits

  • Chlorine measurement without the use of reagents, therefore sample can be added back to the supply or drain
  • Three electrode measuring cell which eliminates the need for constant zero adjustment
  • Flexible arrangements
  • Advanced electronics
  • Optional sample flow switch for indications of lost of sample flow


Wallace & Tiernan Online Process Analysers


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