CHLOR-SCALE®/Chlorine Tank Scale for Ton Containers

Today, after more than 30 years and over 15,000 units installed worldwide, the Chlor-Scale® continues to be the most durable and reliable system available for monitoring chlorine ton containers and sulfur dioxide ton containers. Our scale frames are built of heavy-duty Grade ASTM A36 steel and then coated with a 2-party epoxy finish. Zinc plated steel roller trunnions safely cradle the container and allow easy rotation of the tank for correct valve positioning.

The unique pivoted design of the Chlor-Scale requires only a single load cell, increasing scale reliability. The design also distributes the majority of impact during tank loading to massive steel hinges instead of to the load cell, adding even further to the durability of the scale.

Unlike other scales, the Chlor-Scale comes pre-calibrated and installation is extremely simple with no pit or special installation personnel required. The Chlor-Scale accommodates most international tank sizes including tanks with roller bands.


WIZARD 4000+ - Advanced Digital Weight Indicator

For Liquid and Dry Chemical Feed Tanks

The WIZARD 4000+® Controller for liquid chemical day tanks and dry chemical feeders is designed to automatically refill your day tank or hopper from bulk supply when the tank or hopper runs low. Also included in the controller are powerful chemical accountancy features that accurately monitor chemical usage, level and feed rate.


SpillSafe Drum Scale

Eliminates the headache of mixing and matching one manufacturer’s scale with another’s secondary containment system.

Today in many applications it is not enough to simply monitor liquid chemical usage. Some form of secondary chemical containment for the vessel is often required by the EPA, OSHA and local agencies. Double wall tanks, concrete berms, placing the scale deck on a spill pallet or, placing a spill pallet on a scale deck are all methods that have been used to comply with regulations and keep the chemical room cleaner and safer. All of these though require coordination, usually with multiple parties, to insure the scale and containment method will work when combined.

The SpillSafe™ Drum Scale eliminates the headache of mixing and matching one manufacturer’s scale with another’s secondary containment system. The SpillSafe™ accurately monitors chemical usage data, such as how much has been fed and how much remains, along with providing total chemical containment in case of a leak or spill.

Polyethylene grating supports the tank and allows chemical to freely drain into the containment basin during a spill or leak. The initial 11 gallons of a leak or spill are contained directly beneath the drum in the polyethylene basin and if more capacity is required, a roll out bladder deploys enabling the system to hold a total of 66 gallons. The roll out bladder can be oriented to deploy in any direction and keeps overall scale height to less than 7” for easy drum loading while still complying with regulations that require containment to store 120% of drum capacity.

The SpillSafe™ Drum Scale is the perfect solution for monitoring 55-gallon drums and smaller carboys while also providing integral secondary spill containment.

The SpillSafe can be used with either the SOLO 1000® or Wizard 4000® indicator.


Monitor and control chemical feed at your water treatment plant or in your industrial process. Force Flow weight-based and ultrasonic systems for monitoring chemical usage, level and feed rate. Also automated onsite chemical dilution and day tank auto refill systems.


Weighing Equipment


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